Sewer Relining

A sewer could be damaged due to many different causes. Distressed sewers can cause havoc for homeowners, businesses homeowners and local authorities alike. Sewage water has a lot of bacteria, viruses and fungi which makes the sewage water very harmful for both humans and your sewer lining.  There are a variety of options to solve this problem. You could elect to have your sewers replaced of course – but that could cost some serious investment in both time and money. Sewer relining however, is a much cheaper alternative. It doesn’t involve digging up ground, as the technology we use at RPDNW would involve trenchless relining.

Sewer Relining: How it Works:

The first step is to inspect the actual damage done to the sewer. This involves CCTV inspection in order to find the damaged parts of the sewer. Then, the new lining will be applied. The new pipe-liner is installed from a single access point where the liner material is launched into the old pipe from a single access point. The liner is shot down straight to the adjacent sewer where it meets the street. The new liner will eliminate root intrusion and repair broken pipes. No leaks… no roots… no joints! Our liner material and installation are of the highest quality.

Once it is finished, we will inspect the sewer relining again through CCTV to ensure that the process has worked.

Sewer Relining

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