Kitchen Blockages Wirral

Kitchen blockages can be a nuisance not to mention unhygienic.  Are you experiencing foul smells coming from your drains, or the water drains slowly from your kitchen sink, we can fix it.  Our fully qualified drainage engineers have the resources and expertise to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently causing minimum disruption within your home.

What causes blocked drains in your kitchen? 

Blocked kitchen sinks are generally caused by food particles and grease washed away down the drains.  If left over a period of time these can cause substantial blockages that will require a professional plumber to fix the issue.

How to prevent domestic blocked drains

•   Monitor the waste that goes down your drain pipes
•   Scrape plates thoroughly before washing to ensure food doesn’t go down the drain.
•   Use soaps and detergents designed to break down grease and oil
•   Don’t pour grease directly down the drain, leave to cool and scrape into the bin 
•   Have regular CCTV drainage surveys 

How to prevent commercial blocked drains

If you own a restaurant or commercial building and you live on the Wirral or in the North West we recommend a pre-planned drain maintenance survey.  

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Blocked drains can cause inconvenience to your business and cost you time and money.  At RPD we are a professional drainage and plumbing company.  As a result of our maintenance service, we can detect and prevent any unwanted drainage issues.  


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